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At asmcasas we know that what we need to foster is trust between people. That is why we take great care in the relationship between tenants and landlords.

We look for tenants with the right financial profile and make sure that the landlords know their rights as well as their obligations. We know that when you act with complete clarity, relationships are prolonged over time and generate win-win relationships.

We have extensive knowledge of the rental market, our long experience and the fact that we have such a limited geographical area allows us to give accurate advice to landlords, satisfy tenants and anticipate the needs of the current market.

Our services allow owners to turn these assets into highly profitable productive assets. We work to minimise risks and to ensure that the homes, far from being damaged, are kept in good condition. We will prevent your home from being left empty, so you will not have unnecessary costs.

In asmcasas we presume



How do we work?

We set a number of conditions.

Type of contract and legal conditions.
Profile of the tenant.
Default insurance and guarantors.
Maintenance and repair of the property.
Marketing campaign.
We set a market price.

We revalue your home.

We have observed that there are many closed homes, what is achieved in these cases is to lose value, they are usually assets of high interest in the market and when not used, they generate an incense cost in services and maintenance.

We are accustomed to turning these assets into highly profitable assets. We work to minimise the risks and to ensure that the properties, far from being damaged, are kept perfect.

We have extensive experience in fitting out homes, painting, cleaning, disinfecting and decorating them to make them more profitable.

Marketing campaign.

We will adapt the house, and our image managers will make a wide photographic report, virtual tour, plan and video of the house. We will then advertise and highlight the property in the best national and international real estate portals and then look for the best tenant.

What do we do for you?

We analyse your tenant.

Solvency, last payslips, tax declaration.
Loan and/or mortgage receipts, if any.
We look for an insurance of non-payment and / or guarantors.
Identification of future renters and guarantors.
We will ask for references of last rents.
They will inform us about their lives and those of their pets.
Duration of the contract.

We will sit down with you.

  • We will analyse the documentation of the tenant and guarantors and will send it to the insurance company.
  • We prepare and sign the contract according to your instructions.
  • We help you to manage the deposit in the generalitat and to prepare the model 806.
  • Change of ownership of the services.
  • We will deal with the EWC.

Download our complete rental guide.

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