Energy Certificate

What is it?

The energy efficiency certificate (EEC) is an official document drawn up by a competent technician that includes objective information on the energy characteristics of a building.

The ECE qualifies a building in terms of energy by calculating the annual energy consumption required to meet the energy demand of a building (including hot water production, heating, lighting, cooling and ventilation).

The energy rating scale is a seven-letter scale and varies between the letters A (most energy-efficient building) and G (least energy-efficient building) and is reflected in the Energy Label.

What should you take into account?


As of June 1st 2013, in compliance with Royal Decree 235/2013, it is compulsory for all properties to be sold or rented.


There are ranging from light penalties for not displaying the energy label, to very heavy penalties for misrepresenting the information in the register. Fines range from 300 to 6000.


The validity of the duly registered certificate will be 10 years from the date of subscription.

If you are an owner and you are thinking of selling or renting you must have this certificate.

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