Documents for Selling a House

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Documents to sell a house

One of the consultations that our clients make to us at the time of selling their house, is always on the documents to sell a house.

At Asmcasas, the leading real estate agency for the sale of flats in Benimaclet, we will answer this question.

To facilitate the preparation and understanding of the different documents to sell a house or flat that we will need, we will divide them into two sections:

Documents of the owners

Here we will see the seller’s own documents and those that, as a result of the use of the home, must be requested from different entities.


In order to process the sale, it is necessary to identify the parties with the identity document, but not only the owner.

It is possible that when selling a home with a single owner but which constitutes a family home, the owner’s partner must come to the signing with their identification and consent to the sale.

Community certificate

When the property we wish to sell is linked to a community of owners, we will have to prove that we are up to date with the payment of fees and spillages.

This is a document issued by the administrator or president of the community to which you must also attach the last receipt paid.



The claim for non-payment of supplies falls on the holder of the contract, who is the one who acquires the commitment to pay the expense generated.

Despite this, in order to make the change of name and to avoid uncomfortable situations such as cuts in supplies, the payments of the last receipts are attached.

Document of charges on the house

Here we find several sections that we must take into account according to the situation of the housing.

Mortgage charges

If the home is mortgaged, we will have to add the Certificate of Pending Capital to the documents for selling a home.

This document must also reflect expenses and commissions. It will be used for cancellation 3 days after signing.

Among the data shown in the document, there must be: the loan number, the address and the registered property, since these data are necessary for the cancellation of the registration.

Resolving condition

In this case, we must provide the bills of exchange for the deferred payment that are indicated in the deed (amount, maturity, class, series and number), which will allow us to cancel the registration.

In addition to these more general conditions, in the event that the property has any other type of charge, we will have to provide the relevant documentation in this respect.

Documents related to the home

These are the documents that accompany the property and guarantee its usability and those that consequently prove the payment of the expenses caused by its ownership.

Certificate of occupancy

The certificate of habitability is the document that the local council grants after checking the habitability of the home.

It is obtained after the inspection and preparation of a technical report that guarantees that the home is habitable.

It is necessary to check that this document is in force, as it grants the characteristic of habitable housing.

It is possible that, depending on the age of the property, this certificate may have expired, and therefore a new technical report will have to be requested for its renovation.

If the home does not have a certificate, the sale and purchase operation may be complicated and we will have to “legalise” the property.

Deed of the property

The deed is the document that indicates who owns the property.

The deed reflects all the owners and the origin: purchase and sale, acceptance of inheritance, donation, etc.

Energy certificate

That gives a value of energy efficiency of the housing. This value is comprised of A to G, with A being the most efficient and G the least efficient.

Its contribution is obligatory not only in buying and selling procedures, but also in renting.


For the sale of a property, we will also be asked for the receipt of the last payment of the property tax.

Other necessary documents

We have seen the documents to sell a house, but we will also have to provide others according to circumstances or characteristics:
Appraisal of the house, certificate of technical inspection of buildings, guarantees or statutes of the community.

At Asmcasas, we help you with all the documentation to sell your house, offering you a comprehensive service. Consult us at

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