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Looking for holiday rental in Benicásim?

Being one of the most valued destinations by national and foreign tourists, Benicásim is a place where you can relax and enjoy the beach, good food and endless places to discover.

If you want to spend a great holiday in Benicásim with your family or couple, we can manage any private holiday rental. Just tell us what you have in mind and we will show you the different alternatives that best suit your budget and preferences.  

Different types of properties for rent in Benicásim to enjoy your holidays

alquiler vacacional de villas Benicasim

Benicásim summer villas for rent

Enjoy the luxury holiday villas in Benicásim that you will find on the beach or in the mountains.

Casa en alquiler para vacaciones en Benicasim

Holiday home rentals in Benicásim

Rent a house for your holidays near the village and the beach. The preferred option for families.

Alquiler de apartamentos vacacionales Benicasim

Flats for rent in Benicásim for the summer

Relax in one of the flats in Benicásim beach with the best sea views.

There is nothing like a holiday rental in Benicásim beach

This destination is made for lovers of the sea breeze and those who enjoy ice cream on the terrace of the promenade.

Are you looking for beachfront flats in Benicásim, or perhaps holiday homes on the beach?

Don’t worry, we have the holiday flat you are looking for.


alquiler apartamentos vacaciones en benicasim playa

Are you sure you want to rent a property in Benicásim for the summer but haven't found anything yet?

Just tell us the dates and an approximate budget for your holiday and we will do our best to find you the best holiday home. 

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