The Complexity Of Selling Houses To Individuals

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The complexity of selling houses between individuals

Selling your house or flat can be a stressful process. A task that apparently is simple, but in reality and due to different factors becomes complex.

Selling a property requires time and the minimum knowledge necessary to generate confidence in the buyer. Not only before the property itself, but before the whole purchase process, exposing all the arguments necessary for the buyer to make a completely convinced purchase decision.

From Asmcasas, your real estate agency in Valencia we point out some mistakes that are constantly made by owners when trying to sell their home:

The high sale price due to lack of knowledge of the market

Knowing the market is fundamental when it comes to establishing the correct selling price of our property. We must leave aside the sentimental aspect of the property in order to establish a reasonable sales price in accordance with the social and economic context of the moment and the area.

Common techniques such as increasing the initial sale price to have a margin for negotiation with the buyer, is one of the mistakes that are usually made, because if we want to offer a high price, we are losing sales opportunities by placing the property outside the market price.

Inexperience in negotiation

Any action or opportunity to sell, presents 3 actors: The seller, the good and the buyer. All sales require prior negotiation, in which each actor (except the good) defends his or her interests.

Up to this point it is simple, and once the exposure and demands of the buyer and seller have been made, an agreement is reached, but there are other secondary actors who directly influence the agreements we can reach for the sale of the house and who will directly mark the success of the sale with decisions closely related to the sale price: The bank, the appraisal company and the notary, who will demand a series of documents without which the transaction cannot be carried out.

The attention to the interested parties, the availability to show the property trying to adjust to the schedules of the possible buyer and the cordiality, are aspects that also influence in the decision of the person interested in the purchase.

Detecting the potential buyer is key

When we decide to sell our house, we do not stop to investigate what type of person or family might be interested in our house, we do not have mechanisms for direct advertising to a specific public, we do not have economic information about the interested party or their capacity, which can lead to an infinite number of visits that will not report the sale of the house.

As a private seller, we must also bear in mind the questions that the buyer will ask us about the purchase process and provide answers.

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The Legal Ignorance

Selling a house at a private level, implies the duty to know the legal issues that will directly affect the operation, as well as being informed and having the necessary documents to formalize the sale.

On many occasions, the seller presents a contract that the buyer does not accept due to lack of trust, or due to the seller’s inability to clarify the different points of the contract that may refer to mortgage issues, capital gains, taxes or specific aspects such as the sale of inherited property.

Failure to prepare the property for sale

In the same way that a shop attracts us by its window, by the way it places its products or by the sensations it causes us due to its decoration or business essence, a home, has to be prepared so that the possible buyer falls in love, transmitting him emotion and positive sensations.

Working on the decoration, cleaning, good condition of walls and floors to present an eye-catching “product” that favours its diffusion with sales and marketing techniques.

The lack of time

When a private individual decides to put their home up for sale, in most cases they are faced with months of work until they achieve their goal.

It is true that this process can take a few weeks at best, but during the time it takes to sell the property, we must attend to the visits of interested parties, the promotion and/or dissemination of the offer and the maintenance of the property, which becomes hours of dedication until the sale is achieved.

Not knowing how to promote the sale or its correct diffusion decoration

If you want to sell your house and not die in the attempt by network broadcasting, let me tell you that the issue is complicated. On the one hand you may think that there are groups in social networks for sale, but let’s think for a moment In that group we will find buyers, or sellers? Is it a specific group or page of houses and in your location where you can find your buyer?

After seeing that placing ads on networks will not always work, now it’s time to see the complexity of getting someone interested in buying our house by looking at a simple photograph.

Many owners take the photographs with their mobile phone. The living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms and why not, a photo of the area, but… Does that ring a bell? A picture is worth a thousand words?

The images of the house is what will capture the attention of the buyer initially, so you have to take into account: What to photograph, its angle, lighting or details so that we get that “Love at first sight”.

The closing of the sale and purchase

If you have never sold a home, there are some factors that can cause more than one headache. What documentation will I need? What does the law oblige me to do? What requirements must I fulfil so that the sale can take place? In short, everything that has to do with bureaucracy and paperwork.

In short

It is clear that selling a home can be an easy decision, but not a simple task. If what we want is to put our house on sale and that the process is simple, fast and without inconveniences, we propose you not to miss our next article: How to sell my house quickly.

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