Cleaning and Disinfection

We offer you comprehensive cleaning services

We are aware of the importance of keeping your spaces clean and disinfected in these times, so we have technological solutions for shock and permanent disinfection. 

We have professionals with experience to improve the preservation of the health of your environments by offering solutions for bio-prevention and bio-protection.

Tenemos profesionales con experiencia para mejorar la preservación de la salud de tus ambientes ofreciéndote soluciones de Bioprevención y Bioprotección.

How do we work?

We carry out a complete evaluation of your installations, detecting all the threats.

We measure the presence of microorganisms on the surface and in the air.

We design the implementation of measures to be taken according to your needs.

We provide technological solutions for hygiene and safety.

We carry out the treatments or the installation of the device.

We carry out surface and air analyses and issue a certificate from an accredited laboratory.

Bioprevention and bioprotection solutions

Ozone gun treatment

Eradicates immediately polluting agents. Ideal for shock treatments in short times.

Photocatalytic cells in air conditioning

Definitive solution for continuous disinfection through an advanced oxidation process.

Portable air purifiers with photocatalysis and ionization

Portable version for those who do not have air conditioning.

Surface treatment with durable AG22 nano-layer

Spray application of a light-activated nano-layer of Titanium and Silver Dioxide.

Bio-protection equipment at building Access

It allows the rapid disinfection of clothing, footwear and the surface of people entering.

Microbiological analysis of air and surfaces

Determines the existence of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) once the treatments have been carried out or the devices installed, as well as their monitoring

An impeccable service carried out by professionals.

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