The British continue to support the Community despite the Brexit

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The eastern part of Spain has truly attractive climatic conditions. The large number of sunny days, together with the fact that you can enjoy the Mediterranean diet, make this area one of the most visited. On the other hand, the political situation in the UK is quite complex due to the “Brexit”. Without entering into any controversy of this kind, the truth is that the British are betting more and more on our Community to live. If you want to know the reasons for this and what the data are that support this information, in this article we highlight them.

In 11.5% growth

The environment and quality of life is attractive to the British. This was stated by the vice-dean of the Colegio Notarial de València and delegate from Alicante, Delfín Martínez. In the second quarter of 2018, there has been a growth of 11.5% in the purchase of homes in the Community by the British.

Specifically, between April and June, the regional market registered up to 2,729 acquisitions compared to 2,413 during the second quarter of last year, taking into account the data from the Valencia College of Notaries. Martinez, said: “There need not be any uncertainty. The profile of the buyers is that of people who want to live here, they are all first-time residents“.

What is the situation by province?

Alicante is the city that has accumulated the most operations. In it, the British bought up to 2,422 homes and in second place is Valencia with 258. Finally, Castellón is the last city of the 3 with 49 sales. The three provinces have recorded an increase in purchases with respect to the second quarter of 2017. However, in 2016 there was a greater volume due to the referendum on the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

Among the reasons for the growth, the quality of life in the area stands out. According to the vice-dean: “The British have good communications and connections, and so far they have had a great situation in terms of health and other services. People come here because they want to settle down”. On the other hand, the price is also important. According to the delegate of the Alicante notary: “We are at a discount for foreigners. There are countries like the Nordic countries that are joining, because of the climate and communications”. On the other hand, it is important to point out that most of the flats acquired by the British are second hand, where they invest a great deal of money in their rehabilitation.

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