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Who checks your bills? We do it for you. We are your energy advisor who compares your regular consumption with more than 25 marketing companies, always looking for the best option for you.

How could you benefit?

Best offers.

Power optimization.

Capacitor batteries.

Indexed, fixed and flat rates.

Clean energy consumption certificates.

Multipoint tariff control tools.

Solar panels / Self-consumption

The photovoltaic electricity self-consumption allows, by means of a photovoltaic installation, (solar panels, inverters, measurement and control devices, wiring and optionally storage batteries), the installation of any house or business, to produce and consume its own energy.

Why make a self-consumption installation?

  • Direct savings in the electricity bill can influence the drop in the price of electricity to have a greater supply of renewable energy and less.
  • Decrease of up to 80% in the prices of the installations.
  • Greater control over energy management on an individual basis.
  • Support for the clean and solidarity-based energy transition by promoting distributed electricity generation with low greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Transformation of urban and industrial centres from energy sinks into clean energy producers.

Free study of your bills and save more than 30%!

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