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Alberto asmcasas

Alberto Sáez Mateo

I was born in May 1970 and I am the CEO of asmcasas. As such, I have been involved in more than 5,000 sales. One of my greatest hobbies is my work, but so are gastronomy, sports, sailing and travelling, among many others.

From my point of view, working as a real estate agent, in all areas, implies above all working as a person. Being someone you can trust. That is why in my work I focus on listening and helping my clients as much as possible.

I will treat you professionally, talk to you clearly and work to achieve all your objectives.

Throughout my professional career I have accumulated and developed a multitude of knowledge and skills, from negotiation to the latest sales techniques. That’s why I consider myself a great value contributor.

In short, I will defend your dreams and make sure that you feel in good hands, so that you have nothing to worry about.

""Whatever one person can imagine, others can do it"​"

- Julio Verne -

Our values

Our work as real estate professionals is identified by a series of ethical values that we have established and are mandatory for us.







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