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If you are thinking of selling your home, surely what you are most worried about is getting the price right. If you put it too high it will not sell and if you put it too low you will lose money.

Most sellers put the price by looking at real estate websites or try to find out how much their neighbours are selling for. This is a mistake because the homes you see on the portals have not sold and your neighbour will tell you what you want to know.

If you want to know the market price of a property it is necessary to know at what price comparable properties have recently been sold and there, we can help you.

Sometimes we have managed to sell properties up to 15% above their market price. We have also observed that on some occasions, because you want to sell on your own, you sell below the market price.

Why is it important to price your property well?

Price too high

You will not have visitors.

Price above market

There are visits, but no offers.

Buyers will ask “How long has the house been for sale? As time goes by, the house is devalued and ends up selling below the market price.

Price according to the market

You will have many visits, potential buyers will be motivated by what will be a faster sale and in its price.

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