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If you are thinking of selling your property, surely what worries you most is getting the selling price right. If you set it too high it won’t sell and if you set it too low you will lose money.

Most sellers set the price by looking at real estate portals or try to find out how much their neighbours are selling for. This is a mistake, as the properties you see on the portals have not been sold and your neighbour will tell you what they are interested in telling you.

If you want to know the market price of a property you need to know at what price comparable properties have recently sold for, and we can help you there.

On occasions we have been able to sell properties for up to 15% above their market price. We have also noticed that, because they want to sell on their own, many owners sell below market price. 

Why is it important to price your property right?

Too high a price

No visits

Above market price

There are viewings, but no offers.

Buyers will ask you: “How long has the house been on the market? As time goes by, the house depreciates in value and ends up being sold below market price.

Price in line with the market

You will have many visitors, potential buyers will be motivated and it will be a quicker sale at your price.


In order to know the REAL price that your home will achieve on the market, we need to analyse certain aspects



Square meters

condition of the dwelling

For renovation, refurbishment or new construction


Does the property have a lift?


North, south, east or west


Local services

Availability of garage or storage room

Community fees, community charges and IBI

A market valuation is a report which indicates the properties of similar characteristics and in the same area that have been sold in the last six months.

Thanks to this report and with the advice and experience of your agent you will be able to decide the best selling price for your home.




Contact us now for a free valuation of your property and we will advise you on how to sell it quickly and safely.

Asmcasas’ area expert knows the properties and the potential buyers; what they are looking for and what motivates them to buy.

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