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Because selling your home is not just about putting up a poster and publishing it on real estate portals, we present you with some actions from our innovative Marketing Plan that will make the value of your home multiply. We sell before and at the best price.

Beware of putting a high starting price, it depreciates the final sale value.

We will plan together a strategy to get the buyers who meet your expectations.

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We offer you all the services you need to sell your property successfully, without worries, reducing costs with our flat rate and selling in less time.

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How do we work?

Online Meeting

We will hold an online meeting, via Skype or Zoom, where we will do a scoring for a first contact to know your expectations and to be able to explain how we work.

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Property valuation

Most sellers put the price by looking at real estate portals or try to find out how much their neighbours are selling for. This is a mistake because the homes you see on the portals have not sold and your neighbour will tell you what he or she wants to tell you.

If you want to know the market price of a property it is necessary to know at what price comparable properties have recently been sold and there we can help you.
In order not to have any surprises, we will analyse the expenses of the purchase-sale, apart from the capital gains tax of the Inland Revenue and the Town Hall that you will have to pay after the notary’s office.

Don’t forget that you and only you decide how you want your home to be marketed.

Professional photographic report, plan, video and virtual tour

We make your home shine against the competition. Professional photos will attract more buyers. With this way of working we manage to transfer the buyer client directly to his future home, without having to go through it. It is like a permanent open day: from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

The importance of price

You have to set an attractive price, remember that the market is volatile (it changes or varies easily). Customers today are very informed about market prices.

A home that comes on the market with an overprice will slow down the sale and that is dangerous because many buyers start asking what is wrong with the home or if there is a problem, all of which causes the home to depreciate.

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Filter of future buyers

It is very possible that we have registered the buyer of your house before taking it out for sale that’s why we always say that our most valuable asset is the great detailed and updated database of buyers that we have, if we add to that our tool of offer-demand crossings of our CRM software we can surprise you and sell your house much sooner than you think.

Every person interested in one of our properties goes through an investigation phase, so that only those who really want and can buy go to visit the property.

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Visit reports

Every month we will meet and analyse the visits made so that we can take the appropriate measures. It is desirable that our communication is continuous and fluid.

Real estate marketing

At asmcasas we work with the best Spanish and foreign real estate portals and the latest online marketing technologies (SEO, SEM. INSTAGRAM ADS and FACEBOOK ADS). Our ads are always in the first search results.

A common mistake is to think that an ad on the real estate portals or a poster on the patio or balcony will be enough to attract offers from buyers. This is a common mistake because in the past, homes were sold this way, but times have changed. Be careful with the public photographs of your home, this way you are opening the doors of your house to possible squatters.

It is necessary to distinguish the quality of each one of the channels. The best diffusion for your home is achieved by reaching the buyers. How? Through productive channels, by this we mean, for example, in social networks or classifieds apps, where we are used to achieve great results.

Legal advice

We have the support of lawyers specialised in the real estate sector. We will be able to advise you in depth on all aspects related to real estate, investment, construction, promotion, taxation, financing and leasing of all types of property.

This way we will manage to sell and rent in the most secure way.

Financing and reform.

We have the knowledge of the current situation of the mortgage market, the entities with better conditions and more agile, helping the buyers to find the financing so that the operation comes to a good end.

You can count on our designers and architects in case the house needs a facelift.

Sometimes with small changes we manage to revalue a house up to 15% of its market value

Preparing the signature

You will not feel alone, we will be there to help you prepare all the documentation for the signing. We will prepare together the necessary documentation for the notary and explain to you point by point how to proceed.

  • Simple note.
  • Deposit contract.
  • EEC.
  • Community certificate as you are up to date with payments.
  • Cancellation of the mortgage, if any.
  • Among others.

After-sales service

We will help you and inform you about all the necessary documentation so that you can present it to the public bodies after signing at the notary’s office. You will be able to manage it yourself or through an agency.

  • Tax settlement.
  • Change of supplies.
  • Documentation for the property register.
  • Processing of municipal capital gains.
  • Preparation of model 600 and documentation for the Prop

Do you know the problems you can suffer when selling on your own?

1. Setting the price too high or too low wrongly, be careful, it will make you not sell in the terms you want or the price you want.

2. Not knowing how to advertise your ad, can make you not achieve your goals.

3. If you don’t filter the visits, you will have many visits without intention of buying.

4. Talking about what you don’t know and making mistakes, will generate doubts.

5. It is difficult for you to know about the solvency of a future buyer to acquire the property.

6. Because of your lack of experience and knowledge, you can be deceived by expert negotiators.

7. Not knowing in detail the steps to follow in the process of buying and selling will lead to unnecessary delays.

8. Without previous experience, the process of buying and selling will take longer, which can lead to unnecessary costs.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.

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