The security of your home in the hands of professionals

At asmcasas we know how important it is to feel safe in your home and to know that your family is protected, which is why we have reached an agreement with the No. 1 alarm in ADT security.

The ADT Alarm Reception Centre is the most technological on the market and is guaranteed by the demanding EN50518, ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and TIA-942 alarm certifications.

Protect your home or business with the latest technology mechanisms, and always feel safe.

Your home safer, smarter and more connected.

Notify the police.
Video verification.
Immediate response.
Remote control.
Medical alert.
Cloud video technology.

Your house SAFE for 1 euro a day.

Plus, check out our Anti-Okupas alarms!

About our services.

Multipath service

Maximum security in communications with the CRA against intrusion, sabotage or inhibition thanks to the redundancy of communications between the mobile channel and the wired connection. The multi-way connection channels allow for quick detection and communication to the ARC for an immediate response and with notice to the State Security Forces.

Remote maintenance

The Alarm Reception Centre is permanently connected to the alarm system, so that, in the event of any incident, it will monitor and display the different elements and can solve them immediately and remotely.

Detection of inhibitors.

The Alarm Reception Centre continuously supervises communications with the alarm panel. In this way it can detect any inhibition or sabotage in the area, which will be notified instantly.

Home assistance control

The elderly or people with special needs will be protected at all times. They will have an emergency button that, if needed, offers 24-hour assistance by specialised operators.

ADT Plus Protection.

Legal consultancy with expert lawyers who are in charge of preventing and solving all those issues related to your family and home included.

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We have from basic kits to solutions adapted to your home, ask us.

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