Home staging or how to speed up the sale of your home

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In view of the large number of properties offered for sale on a daily basis, the presentation of a house is essential to attract potential buyers.

Especially in second-hand homes, we are not sure how we should decorate the house to attract the interest of buyers. Therefore, today we explain and give you some basic advice on decoration for the sale of your home.

 The first impression usually marks the subsequent development of the decision in a person. Therefore, starting off on the right foot is a fundamental aspect for starting the sale of our homes. Specifically, this decoration or “face washing” is also called home staging.

It is a practice whose purpose is to speed up the sale of a property by creating a good presence and atmosphere in it. To do this, we take into account different items that harmonize and help your home to transmit good feelings.

Order, cleanliness and the feeling of spaciousness are essential factors.

These three factors are directly related. Order and cleanliness, although they seem obvious factors, are often neglected. When we are familiar with the objects we find in the house, they often go unnoticed. That is why we have to look critically at all the spaces in the house, and be aware of this.

A fundamental factor is to remove all the “junk” that may be present. In this way, the house will look much more cared for, clean and even spacious.

The feeling of spaciousness is a fundamental and decisive factor in most purchase decisions. One of the main tricks for giving a greater feeling of spaciousness is the presence of mirrors and decoration with light, neutral or white tones. To help give this feeling of space in the home, the arrangement of the furniture is essential. Whenever possible, remember to place them in points from which they let light into the property. Try to leave furniture that is strictly necessary, it will help the feeling of spaciousness as well as order and cleanliness.

 Although it is not so frequent, another aspect that can enhance and speed up the sale of your home is impersonality. That is, removing personal objects from view to show the property or take pictures of it. This fact means that potential buyers do not perceive the house as one of other owners, but as a property. In this way, it is possible to visualize them in the property being shown and, therefore, the sales process is speeded up.

Home staging to get the most out of your home

We had already anticipated this concept. The search for a good and quick sale of a property is speeded up by reinforcing the strongest points of the property. This is a practice for which there are even specialists and professionals who provide this service. Their work is based on reformulating the aesthetics of the home and making it resemble “state-of-the-art” homes.

Attempting to conceal the “defects” or conditions it may have through an impeccable presence is just one side of the advantages of decoration. Through it, you can also enhance and reaffirm the strong points it has, making it look better than the defects it may have.

 Therefore, the decoration of the home is a fundamental starting point on which to work. It is not a question of spending money on this re-decoration and face-washing, but rather of achieving an improved appearance with small tricks at low cost.

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