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What is it and why must the deposit contract be signed?

The boom in the real estate sector and market has meant that the deposit agreement is one of the means used by buyers and sellers. Perhaps, many of you have heard about this contract, but really, what does it mean and what are the consequences of the deposit agreement? The deposit contract is a type of contract for the sale of a property. Specifically, it is a private prior agreement between buyer and...


Peculiarities of the sale of second-hand homes

In view of the growing demand for housing, we are seeing more and more individuals putting their property up for sale. The real estate sector is increasing its sales at a dizzying rate. In fact, last year 2018, the sale of houses and flats increased by more than 10% according to the data provided by the National Institute of Statistics. In particular, this is the highest figure in the last decade. This...

Documents for Selling a House

Documents to sell a house One of the consultations that our clients make to us at the time of selling their house, is always on the documents to sell a house. At Asmcasas, the leading real estate agency for the sale of flats in Benimaclet, we will answer this question. To facilitate the preparation and understanding of the different documents to sell a house or flat that we will need, we will divide them...

Hipotecas Según Cliente

Mortgages by Customer or Type of Asset

Mortgages according to client or type of asset In the previous article, we saw how a mortgage credit can be contracted with some characteristics or others depending on our criteria. We will now look at the range of mortgages on offer according to the client or type of asset to be mortgaged. Depending on our situation, age or type of property, we can access specific types of mortgage. Mortgages for...

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