Which type of mortgage to choose

Which type of mortgage to choose When we are about to buy a home, in most cases, we will need a mortgage loan but... What type of mortgage should I choose? Let's see a classification of the different options available to us to find out which type of mortgage to choose. At Asmcasas, your estate agent in Valencia, we want to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for your...

nueva ley de arrendamiento

New Leasing Law

New lease law At Asmcasas, your real estate agency in Valencia, we tell you everything about the reform of rentals in Spain with the new law on rentals, approved by law in the Council of Ministers last Friday, March 1st. After its publication in the BOE, rental contracts will present a series of modifications that to a large extent were already proposed in the previous text (RD-Ley 21/2018, of 14...

Nueva Ley hipotecaria

New Mortgage Law

La Nueva ley hipotecaria With an estimated date towards the end of May, the new mortgage law will come into force, with which the new mortgages will enjoy greater clarity in the contracting of the mortgage and savings in its formalisation. Asmcasas, your estate agent in Valencia, explains in depth the advantages of this law compared to the previous one. Advantages of the new mortgage law A law that seeks...

Casa en venta

The Complexity Of Selling Houses To Individuals

The complexity of selling houses between individuals Selling your house or flat can be a stressful process. A task that apparently is simple, but in reality and due to different factors becomes complex. Selling a property requires time and the minimum knowledge necessary to generate confidence in the buyer. Not only before the property itself, but before the whole purchase process, exposing all the...

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