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How much does it cost to inherit a property?

buying and selling of flats. Everything you need to know if you inherit a property. Sometimes, in addition to the sadness that comes with the death of a loved one, we find that the situation of inheriting a property can be a headache / obligations that we did not have. n these lines, we briefly summarise the different payments involved in inheriting a property: Inheritance tax. The Inheritance Tax is...

The British continue to support the Community despite the Brexit

The eastern part of Spain has truly attractive climatic conditions. The large number of sunny days, together with the fact that you can enjoy the Mediterranean diet, make this area one of the most visited. On the other hand, the political situation in the UK is quite complex due to the "Brexit". Without entering into any controversy of this kind, the truth is that the British are betting more and more on...

The purchase of homes is soaring in our country

The purchase and sale of homes shot up 16.2% in July, with 45,900 transactions. Since the beginning of this year, the purchase and sale of homes has increased by 11.7%, a percentage that stands at 12% in the case of used homes and 11.6% for new homes, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE). Furthermore, the number of transactions recorded in July has also increased, specifically...

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Increases the price of room rentals

Bad news for the rental industry and for people who want to rent rather than buy. The increase in rental prices lately in the main cities of Spain, are setting off the alarms for a new real estate bubble. If you want to know more, in this article we highlight everything you need to know about this subject....

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